Pilla B Confronts the Realities of Life and Shares Personal Message on New Single/Video “Live from The Gutter”

“I’m reminiscing on the loss of my brother and acknowledging the fact that the grind don’t stop. I lost my brother but a lot of positivity has come out of my situation. I want to honor him in any way I can and make the Forever Yung movement recognised and most importantly live the best life I can.”- Pilla B

Today, Pilla B releases his new single and video for “Live From the Gutter” via Public Records/Universal Music Canada. “Live from the Gutter” marks the second anniversary of the tragic event but also a milestone for the positive progress Pilla B continues to make in pursuing his music career and honoring the memory and  legacy of the late Yung Dubz with the inception of his brand Forever Yung. Pilla B delivers a touching song as he expresses coming to grips with the loss of his friend/brother, facing the consequences of living as a young black man from a marginalized community and embarking on the journey of fatherhood. A year ago, Pilla B released his debut album “One Year to Date,” a public snapshot of Pilla B’s emotional state and feelings over the last year since the tragedy that took his friend and musical collaborator Yung Dubz. This body of work documents the highs and lows that stemmed from that tragedy and ultimately Pilla B’s path to redemption and triumph.