Tasha Angela Releases Dream Like Visuals For Her Single “Lost in Nostalgia”

Today, toronto based singer/songwriter Tasha Angela releases the music video for her debut single  “Lost in Nostalgia” via Public Records Inc/Universal Music Canada. 

Directed by Angelica Milash from Mad Ruk Entertainment (Jessie Reyez, Daniel Caesar, Alessia Cara) the video is a tender journey in to Tasha Angela’s memories. Set in a roller rink the video is a series of dream like vignettes featuring Tasha moving in and out of reality. The video is an homage to fond childhood memories memories and the warmth they evoke in adulthood.

"The Lost in Nostalgia visuals capture the essence of the song by having many elements that relate to the past and being in a reminiscent, dream-like state of mind. The video for the song means a lot to me, because it captures the feeling, vibe and message of the record perfectly. The production process felt like a breeze because of the amazing people on set and the director who allowed both of our creative minds to shine." Tasha Angela

Lost in Nostalgia is a slow-paced visual piece that explores nostalgia through a colourful lens of Tasha’s memory. We had so much fun creating this world together.Angelica Milash

“Lost In Nostalgia” is the first single from Tasha Angela’s upcoming EP “Hidden Gems” due for release later this year.

LAVI$H Releases Vibrant Visuals For Debut Single “Sunset Blvd”

Today, African-Canadian artist Lavi$h releases the music video for “Sunset Blvd.” Sunset Blvd is the debut single off Lavi$h’s upcoming EP and was released in September via Public Records Inc and Universal Music Canada.

Taking inspiration from the track’s title, the video was shot in Los Angeles and features all the aspirational hallmarks of a Californian lifestyle. From the sunset strip to the ocean, the ease of sunny LA provides the perfect backdrop for an upbeat track about a mental release. 

In Lavi$h’s words: “Sunset Blvd starts energetically and continues to build. We wanted to capture the pace of the track visually and filming in California was the only way that made sense. The scenes are spliced together rapidly, day/night, beach/canyon, it’s all part dream part reality. Capturing the feeling of being in a place where the possibilities are endless.”

Directed by Elliot Clancy Osberg (Anders, Roy Woods, Langston Francis) the video showcases  Lavi$h’s infectious positive energy, he tells us “the song had a certain energy that was important to capture.” Produced by Milano, Sunset Blvd is an upbeat track with bounce that effortlessly blends staples of hip-hop, rnb and pop. An introduction to his range of talent, Lavi$h is an artist on the verge of global success. Lavi$h is currently working on his second single due out later this year.

Tasha Angela's Debut Single "Lost In Nostalgia"

Tasha Cover Art.JPG


Today, Toronto based singer, songwriter and composer, Tasha Angela releases her debut studio single “Lost in Nostalgia” via Public Records Inc/Universal Music Canada. “Lost in Nostalgia” is an upbeat single that showcases Tasha Angela’s mellifluous vocals and song writing prowess. Writing the song in the span of only an hour, Tasha Angela expertly weaves soul and R&B for a result that is both contemporary and timeless. The lyrics speak to the universal impulse towards romanticizing the past and revelling in the nostalgia of memories.

In Tasha Angela’s own words: “The Lost In Nostalgia idea came from me staring at old photos that I hang in my room. I wanted to capture the feeling of what it’s like to reminisce, whether it be good relationships or bad ones, because all of those small moments add up and have made me the person I am today.” 

“Lost in Nostalgia” was produced by Avenue (Sam Willows) recorded at Dan Kurtz’s (Dragonette, The New Deal) studio The Asylum and mixed by renowned Canadian musician Howie Beck. “Lost In Nostalgia” is the first single off of Tasha Angela’s upcoming EP “Hidden Gems” due for release later this year.

Lavi$h Release His Debut Single "Sunset Blvd"

Lavi$h artwork.jpg


Today, Lavi$h releases his highly anticipated first single “Sunset Blvd” via Public Records Inc/Universal Music Canada. “Sunset Blvd” is an upbeat track with bounce combining the blend of hip-hop, rnb and pop Lavi$h and producer Milano are known for. Speaking on the record, Lavi$h describes the track as a “mental getaway. I wrote the lyrics from the freest and happiest parts of my mind!”

“Sunset Blvd” is an introduction to the range of Lavi$h’s talent. A versatile artist on the verge of a genuinely global success. musical career - Lavi$h is set to release the music video for’s “Sunset Blvd” later this month. Directed by Elliott Clancy Osberg (Anders, Roy Woods, Langston Francis) and filmed in Los Angeles, the visuals will add a new dimension to the infectious track showcasing Lavi$h’s infectious positive energy.

The music is also accompanied by artwork and motion graphics from one of the industry’s most sought after graphic and visual artists, Montreal designer FvckRender (Lil Nas X, Roy Woods).

What The Press!?!

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Amaal Releases Black Dove

July 12, 2019 — Amaal makes her debut with Black Dove , her first studio EP, out today via Universal Music Canada/Public Records. The rising Somali-Canadian R&B artist has been named a new artist to watch after her first single, “Not What I Thought,” received over 1 million views on YouTube. On Black Dove , Amaal continues to make a strong impression, showcasing her powerful intuition musically and emotionally. “Amaal has mastered the art of pairing airy but commanding vocals with pulsing production” The Fader revered. Her single “ Coming and Going ” was named one of the best music releases of the week by both Nylon and The Independent , while “ Not What I Thought ” led Amaal to be featured as Apple Canada’s best new artist of the week in February.


Speaking on the inspiration behind Black Dove , Amaal shared, “this EP represents the me that I was afraid to talk about. The me that I kept hidden out of fear of judgment. For the longest time I’ve put on this front of what a strong woman represents and what it means to me. But as I’ve maneuvered through my womanhood alongside other women going through similar things I realized true strength is in breaking down to rebuild. Showing vulnerability and being real about adversity. Getting in front of your fears and allowing yourself to grow regardless of the outcome. Black dove to me means freedom. Freedom from my own captivity. Freedom from the shackles society and I have placed on myself. The freedom of no longer committing a disservice to myself and owning every part of me.”

In tandem with the release of Black Dove , Amaal shares her video for “Later” directed by Kat Webber, who’s best known for directing videos for SZA’s “Garden” and Drake’s “Nice For What,” as well as Amaal’s video for “Coming & Going.” The video for “Later” is dedicated to FEAT , a bus program that brings families across Ontario to visit incarcerated loved ones. Based on Amaal’s personal experience, both the song and video illustrate the journey one chooses to endure for love and the sense of community built in the process of doing so.

Pilla B Confronts the Realities of Life and Shares Personal Message on New Single/Video “Live from The Gutter”

“I’m reminiscing on the loss of my brother and acknowledging the fact that the grind don’t stop. I lost my brother but a lot of positivity has come out of my situation. I want to honor him in any way I can and make the Forever Yung movement recognised and most importantly live the best life I can.”- Pilla B

Today, Pilla B releases his new single and video for “Live From the Gutter” via Public Records/Universal Music Canada. “Live from the Gutter” marks the second anniversary of the tragic event but also a milestone for the positive progress Pilla B continues to make in pursuing his music career and honoring the memory and  legacy of the late Yung Dubz with the inception of his brand Forever Yung. Pilla B delivers a touching song as he expresses coming to grips with the loss of his friend/brother, facing the consequences of living as a young black man from a marginalized community and embarking on the journey of fatherhood. A year ago, Pilla B released his debut album “One Year to Date,” a public snapshot of Pilla B’s emotional state and feelings over the last year since the tragedy that took his friend and musical collaborator Yung Dubz. This body of work documents the highs and lows that stemmed from that tragedy and ultimately Pilla B’s path to redemption and triumph.

Amaal Delivers Stellar Visuals with Official Video for Single “Coming & Going”

Amaal, returns today with the music video for her most recent single, “Coming and Going.” Directed by Kat Webber, who’s best known for directing videos for SZA’s “Garden” and Drake’s “Nice For What,” the dream like visual stars Amaal as she cycles through her day reflecting on the impermanence of love and life. Filmed at a sun drenched home in the hills, the visual is a meditation on transience and seeks to flip the traditional response towards the inevitable passing of things from one of mourning to one of acceptance. “Coming and Going” is the second single from Amaal’s forthcoming debut project that’s set to release this summer.

Pilla B Drops Playful Video for New Single “Big Chopper” Feat. King Louie

Toronto Rapper Pilla B is coming hard in 2019 with his new single and video for  “Big Chopper” featuring Chicago great King Louie via Public Records/Universal Music Canada. Pilla B comes through with a creative and trippy video with scenes from neon helicopters to newsrooms to UFOs. Along for the “ride” Pills tapped fellow Chicago Rapper Bread Doe for the cameo. The visual is directed by Miguel De Berry and Pat Banahan and produced by Burd and Keyz.