Amaal's story is unique. She was born between 1989 and 1991 in Mogadishu, Somalia, although the exact date cannot be confirmed. She was raised in a traditional Muslim household, the middle child of seven sisters and two brothers. When the civil war broke out in Somalia in the early 90s, Amaal and her family emigrated to Toronto, Canada in hopes of a better life. Amaal quickly immersed herself to art having been exposed to music at school as well as drama classes. She did not begin until singing the age of 16, and only released her first singles 4 years later.

Amaal has followed a largely independent career path into the music industry, utilizing social media as an important marketing tool to help push the music. Her songs subsequently went viral on YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites, which helped introduce her sound to a global audience.

Singles by Amaal include "With You", "Mufasa" and "Words Revealed". "Words Revealed" alone achieved 200,000 YouTube hits within its first three months of release, and has inspired cover versions by fans. Another fan favorite, "With You", similar earned 80,000 views in its first two months; “Mufasa” is considered her most viral song to date with views and listens accumulated to over 2 million. Amaal’s lyrics have always been socially conscious, focusing on topics of growth, love/heartbreak as well as global causes. She draws influences from both her personal life experiences and her travels, including a six month trip to Uganda where she worked closely with women's groups across local communities.

Having recently shot and completed her music video for her first single "Not What I Thought" with creative director Sean Brown in Iceland. Most recently, Amaal released her official video for her single “Coming & Going” with director Kat Webber. Amaal is currently in the studio completing work on her debut EP "Black Dove".


Music Videos

“Coming & Going”

Video by Kat Webber

“Not What I Thought”

Video by Sean Brown


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