Tasha Angela's Debut Single "Lost In Nostalgia"

Tasha Cover Art.JPG


Today, Toronto based singer, songwriter and composer, Tasha Angela releases her debut studio single “Lost in Nostalgia” via Public Records Inc/Universal Music Canada. “Lost in Nostalgia” is an upbeat single that showcases Tasha Angela’s mellifluous vocals and song writing prowess. Writing the song in the span of only an hour, Tasha Angela expertly weaves soul and R&B for a result that is both contemporary and timeless. The lyrics speak to the universal impulse towards romanticizing the past and revelling in the nostalgia of memories.

In Tasha Angela’s own words: “The Lost In Nostalgia idea came from me staring at old photos that I hang in my room. I wanted to capture the feeling of what it’s like to reminisce, whether it be good relationships or bad ones, because all of those small moments add up and have made me the person I am today.” 

“Lost in Nostalgia” was produced by Avenue (Sam Willows) recorded at Dan Kurtz’s (Dragonette, The New Deal) studio The Asylum and mixed by renowned Canadian musician Howie Beck. “Lost In Nostalgia” is the first single off of Tasha Angela’s upcoming EP “Hidden Gems” due for release later this year.